The college is in the process of changing the solution we use to manage self-service password resets in an effort to provide a more modern solution

The current service (called PRS) will still be available for users that have previously enrolled with this service to continue using it, but it will no longer be possible for new users to enrol/register, nor allow eixtsing users to re-enrol if they have forgotten their question/answers

The new service (called SSPR) no longer relies on users pre-choosing challange questions and answers - which they must remeber, but rather relies on the user registering their mobile phone number and an external email address, which will be used to verify the users identity during a reset request

Unforunately this does require all users to register their details with the new service and below are the links to the new service

Reset Password
Forgot your password?
Sign up for SSPR now?
Change Password
Change an expired password?

Existing PRS users

To use the previous PRS service (for users that have previously enrolled by choosing 3 questions and answers) use the link below

PRS reset Password
Reset a forgotten password?